Thursday, July 23, 2009


RFO = Request For Orders.

This is the what you get when the bs'ing and gopher dancing between you and your branch gets done and you finally find out where your next assignment is.

I got mine today.

And the winner is...

Fort Drum, New York.

I was getting bounced around by branch (I was offered Hawaii and Colorado, but couldn't get released in time. Don't ask how I feel about that.) and I almost ended up with the 3rd ACR in Fort Hood Texas. But that fell through due to poor management on branch's part (they started filling early and Fort Hood shut them down due to an overabundence of majors). So I got a gig with the 10th Mountain Division, Light Infantry.

Yes, you heard right. Light as in "we walk everywhere". Good news is that I report to the Division HQs, so this is probably a staff gig. I am hoping for an Effects Cell or Fires Coordination Cell as I am already Branch Qualified with (by the time I move) 2 years as a Bn XO. Combat tour guarrented, Iraq possible but I'll lay even odds on Afghanistan.

In other news, I discovered and fixed a little problem with my date of rank and board dates. This is majorly good as if this had gone un-noticed, I would have missed my initial board and had my file jacked up.

Oh yeah, Mike Rezabek was picked up for LTC below the zone...


  1. 10th Mountain? I'd wager Afghanistan too. Well damn, that puts you even further away. :(

    Did Rez make early board selection, or did was he actually approved?

  2. Hey, maybe some cross-branch work might look pretty good on the record, too. A smart guy who can do anything's much better than a genius at one thing.

  3. Rez made the Below the Zone cut for this year. I won't be doing cross branch work, this job is strictly FA related, most likely targeting or effects cell as I am most likely not going to get a BQ job (Branch Qualifing, two years as an XO gets me that). So most likely staff gig.

  4. When do you move?

    Sounds like a good thing you're getting which continues you on your active track.

    I never know whether to say congrats or not with these things and while you're not getting Texas at least you're staying in your speciality.

    Not that NY is much closer than OK, but again feel free to drop by sunny OH if you're in the area or passing through on the way from point A to point B. Best of luck.

  5. Oh, and please say congrats to Rez as well since I do not have his email address. I've been wondering who would be first in our class to get to LTC and hopefully it will be Rez or my other guess - Whitmore.

  6. I'll have to check on Whitmore, I forgot about him when I was reading the list.

    My report date is 15 Feb to Fort Drum.