Thursday, July 2, 2009

Arrogent Elk

Okay, I am a bit peeved. While driving home tonight I happened to look over to the west side of I44 onto one of Fort Sill's hay fields (for the horses we have, don't ask), and what did I see?

A herd of Elk.

Not just does either. There were at least three bucks, including one that was big enough to put a saddle on. I am not kidding, this guy was HUGE. He had a rack that had to be as wide as my car.

And he was standing there looking at me with that "Yes, I am the most magnificent Elk you will ever see in your life and I know you can't shoot me becuase I'm not in Season" look.


I hate arrogent food.


  1. Yes, but you drive a Prius, Mike. That's not really saying much...
    (ducks, runs)

  2. Damn, elk-jerky would rock.

    (And happy 4th!)

  3. Well at least they didn't charge your car. I have a colleague in New Jersey who has had his car hit 3 times by deer, and all in the same place. Better to have arrogent food than suicidial ones.

  4. I can't argue any of that. But my Prius does have an NRA sticker on it, which makes for great double takes from other Prius owners. I guess I don't quite fit the mold for that group. I would almost prefer a suicidial elk though, I would at least be able to get a road kill tag.

    Happy Fourth to everyone from Nebraska.

  5. And from TX. Remember, only YOU can put arrogant elk on a barbeque...

  6. Yeah, plans are already in the works to fix this "problem". Might get side-tracked though, we have an arrogant white tail deer in Nebraska also in need of re-education.

  7. Okay, this is getting out of hand. Today there were the same elk and now they had a herd of deer with them.