Monday, May 25, 2009

IN case you were wondering...

I need to post a disclaimer. Some folks have mentioned via other media (emails, facebook, etc.) that I should comment on the Norks (aka North Korea) nuclear test, Iran's little ship trick and how our current President is reacting. I have the following comment on this:

No comment.

You heard me. I have an opinion on this, but since this site has made it fairly clear that I am a serving member of the armed forces this site isn't a place for me to be mouthing off about it. I may not always agree with the POTUS and what he decides to do, but he is the boss and it is unprofessional to shoot my mouth off in a manner that undercuts him. There is a regulation on this and it is against that reg to be talking bad about the C in C. It can (and does) get violated, but usually in private or in the form of standard grumbling (Cripes, the POTUS is sending us WHERE? I gotta deploy in 2 weeks?, etc.) I may send an email to a relative or friend discussing it, but it will be with the understanding that it is a private conversation and not for public consumption.

BLUF: (uh, Bottom Line Up Front) I'll leave the political commentary out of this blog when the politics deals with the President. I have buds who do better on this than me, so I'll stick to my own area. I will hit on politics, but on areas outside the chain of command. It will usually be in a post that deals with high level strategy or operations (such as getting the State Department and Defense to work together and plan joint ops, a major topic of debate as this is a very common issue), or on more domestic stuff such as local laws, stuff dealing with the US Constitution and its amendments and the like.

And just to mention it: the Norks are Dorks, all this did was give more juice to the Missile Defense System bubbas.


  1. Oh yeah, one other item on this. Congress is not covered under this reg. So I can harp on them all I want.

  2. Oh good; they're really harp-worthy lately, and you give good rant. :)

  3. Yeah, can't argue with that one.