Saturday, May 23, 2009

Happy Memorial Day

Greetings All. More blogging later on this weekend but not so much right now. Recovering from a summer cold and a new boss. Just needed to say have a great Memorial Day Weekend and please take a moment to remember those who we are supposed to remember on this day. The ones who didn't make it back to enjoy the weekends and those that did but have now moved on.

And please take a moment for those who are in harms way now and face the chance that one day their name will be on that list of those departed sooner rather than later.

We cannot live the lives they wanted to live, we can only live ours and be thankful to them for their sacrifice that made that possible.


  1. Happy Memorial Day to you!

    Can I use this forum as platform to propgate the new term I have coined, the 'Oink Achoo'?