Sunday, November 21, 2010

Afghanistan Update

Greetings all. Its been awhile since I have posted anything. Part of that is due to the lack of internet access (can't get it in my room and the computer lab is a long walk) and the other is the fact that I can't talk about much of what I do.

I am having a great time over here. My job is great, I get to blow things up nearly every day, the targets are all legitimate, and I get to see, use and access devices that are Sci-Fi level stuff. And that's the rub. Just about 75% of everything I have going on is classified so I can't share it with everyone which is a drag because I am sure the conversations would rock. So the reality is I can't post a whole lot.

I can post that I just got back from Qatar from a WEPTAC (Weapons and Tactics) Conference in Al Udied AF Base. Very good use of time, lots of discussions, lots of meeting with people who are good to know, and a cool tour of the CAOC. That's the Air Defense/Control Cell for all of CENTCOM. Think "Wargames" control room, but much more updated.

I can also say that we are firing a great deal more than I thought we were going to be. I have seen some mentions in the press about our various operations, so if you have been paying attention you will know we are conducting operations against the Taliban in and around Kandahar City. We have flushed a lot of them which results in more business for me. We have also found lots of weapons caches, and booby-trapped buildings which is also more business for me. Compared to Iraq we are much more kinetic here which is saying something. We are also much better at keeping civilians out of the way here than Iraq which is a very good thing.

Not much else right now. Stay safe everyone.

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