Wednesday, April 7, 2010

On the Road Again

Hi everyone. I am typing this from Hammond, Indiana where we (Baby Girl, Wife and me) are staying for a few days to visit her parents and brother. We are in route to Fort Drum, New York for my new assignment in the 10th Mountain Division.

Fun times to say the least. The actual packing was simply insane. Tamara had to watch the baby and I had to supervise everything, so it was not 2 people moving it was 1 person moving two people. And it worked out that way, we had a bunch of stuff packed accidently when I had to step out for a few minutes to get the car weighed. So I have to show up early to get some gear.

But overall it has been a good trip so far. Baby girl has been enjoying it (the windmill farm in Iowa had her attention and then some), and even Tamara is relaxing some.

Army-wise Fort Sill was pretty good to me. I had a tough job but enjoyed it. I had two very good battalion commanders and I did some good work while there. I was able to get a couple VERY good schools before I left which will help a lot in the new gig. I got a wife and a baby girl, so even better. I also got Branch Qualified and then some with my tour as Bn XO (you need a minimum of 1 year in one of three different slots, and I got 2 years and 2 months), and a GREAT OER. I am pretty pleased with my last two years+ at Sill.

Fort Drum is going to be a whole new thing though. I am trying for base housing, and I have a job in Division Staff. A pretty high up one artillery-wise too. I have never worked higher than BDE, so this will be interesting.

The last thing is what is coming up in the fall. Some of you may not have heard yet, but I am heading to Afghanistan this fall. I will be working at Division Staff and I am working in RC South area. Yes, the area where most of the action is going on. But my job is a staff pouge so I shouldn't be doing anything too dangerous (of course, I said that the last time and look what happened).

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