Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Old Posters

Here are some old posters from WWII sent to me by a friend of my uncle. I love these posters and the history behind them. I especially like the Political Incorrectness behind them. Sorry, but if someone is trying to kill me, or flies a plane into a building full of civilians I don't have an issue with calling them a bad name. These posters come from a time when we actually had a real "US" versus "THEM" mentality, and we called our enemies the "Bad Guys" and had no problems doing that (I still don't have any issues with that). But we won't ever see posters like this again as the CAIR or ACLU or some other "Progressive" group would sue the pants off of the person who made it.

Some of these are motivational (buy bonds, work hard), some are requests (enlist), some are to remind us to be careful (OPSEC, or not blabbering about important info), some are to remind us of why we fight (which is something I think we need to have today).

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