Sunday, November 15, 2009

And the pictures

WARNING: Due to it being a bit dark out and my wife using a different camera, the picture is a bit, urm, graphic (as in you can see some of the knife work from the field dressing). So you have been warned.


  1. What really surprises me is how noisy deer are; we've got 'em crossing the parking lot at work about 7pm (not allowed to shoot 'em though) and they're far from stealth. I'd've thought they'd be sneaky critters.

  2. You would think that, but they certainly are not. Where the difference comes in between humans and deer is that they are less noisy than humans when both are moving around. When the humans are not moving, deer are noisy as all get out. Deer also show much more patience when moving around, they will take their time moving through brush. They may make noise while doing it, but its still less than a typical human forcing his way through. But I have heard every deer I have ever shot coming before I saw them.

    And they are also in season during deer season, so their minds are not focused so much on being quite as they are picking up scents and following the does. So the old adage about thinking with the wrong head gets you in trouble is especially true when deer are involved.