Monday, August 17, 2009

Wife Celebrating

My lovely wife is off to Chicago for a week to visit her parents and to celebrate Ukrainan Independence Day. This is the day when the Ukrainians celebrate the collapse of the Soviet Union and gaining their freedom.

This was also the day that EVERY statue of Lenin was ripped out of the ground rather violently and with malice of forthought.

Anyone who ever thought Communism was a good idea is invited to swing by the Ukrainian section of Chicago this weekend and get some "feedback" on that.

And I highly recommend you leave the Che Geuvera T shirt at home...


  1. Maybe we could send some folks from out here and sell the videos. :D

  2. Heh, only after the trial...

    Seriously though, there were places in Ukraine that you would get beat up for speaking Russian. Such as the "Liberation Cafe" with WWII theme in Lvov. When you got in the door you had to shout "Long Live Ukraine!". If you didn't they threw you out. And they had a sign over the door that said "No Russians allowed".

  3. Find out via the Ukrainian churches if she can meet the boyovyi hopak guys... I'll be smacking them around with a sabre first weekend in October...